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Down To Freeze

Freeze-Dried Salmon Chunks!

Freeze-Dried Salmon Chunks!

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    • 100% real salmon for high-quality protein!
    • Fully cooked with no artificial preservatives because your pup deserves nothing but natural! 
    • Freeze-dried to lock in nutritional value and flavor for a snack you and your pup can feel good about!
    • Ideal as an anytime snack or training reward, too!
    • Resealable bag with oxygen absorber to keep-em fresh!


    In-stock items will normally ship out the next buisness day, from order date. All orders will ship within 3 buisness days of order date.

    Special order items will normally ship out within 3 buisness days of order date. Depending on order size, some orders may take up to 5 buisness days, from order date, to ship.


    Each order is placed in seperate, resealable bags which are heat sealed above the reasealable strip. An oxygen absorber is placed inside each bag to maintain freshness. From there, it will be carefully placed into a box or padded mailer (Depending on size and contents of order) and shipped to your door!

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    • Dont forget about your furry friend!

      We offer freeze dried pet treats also, so now your furry friends can enjoy quality snacks as well!

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